the project list

My mind goes at a hundred miles an hour, and I always see new things I’d like to make/try/experiment/buy. This page will be a place where I can list all of my inspirations and future projects, hopefully keeping track of everything along the way!

  1. Knitted tie for the boyfriend
  2. Hand dye wool in yellow and pink for…
  3. … a baby blanket for my friend
  4. A “boyfriend” style sweater in a mustard colour
  5. Furry, light weight vest
  6. Cardigan made from Granny Squares … on the back burner!
  7. Basic knitted cap sleeve top
  8. Learn how to do stranded knitting
  9. This adorable cardi kit my Mum gave me for Christmas..
  10. Re-fashion a crochet jumper that is just way too big!
  11. So many things from the dairing website!
  12. Speaking of… Tammer Shrug from Dairing
  13. Quench my yearning to teach myself about painting on silk
  14. Knit my first pair of socks!
  15. Sew a kimono style dress
  16. Something… anything in chevron!
  17. An Alice In Wonderland themed cross stitch
  18. Turn this poor, forgotten crochet square into a cushion
  19. Knit my first ever jumper!
  20. … then knit one for Reagan
  21. The Kit Cami! Supplies are ready!
  22. Turn my birthday wool into something gorgeous!

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