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the final post…

Your recent post: Nov 2014

Oh my.

My neglect of “This Girl has Knits” has been playing on my mind for a long time. While it may have been very quiet for me here in blog-land, it has been anything BUT quiet behind the scenes.

If you’ve read my blog before, I’m sure you know that I love to create. Create anything, really. I knit, crochet, sew, paint, draw… I love pencils and crayons. And yarn. OH MY, the yarn! For so long, these endeavours have only been a hobby, something I do with my spare time (ahem… the time I should be cleaning the house..).

Until a few months ago. While sitting at my desk at work, daydreaming of sewing, I made a decision. I wanted to learn how to make clothing patterns. All the in’s and out’s of fashion, how to make a jacket, how to fit a pair of pants, the best curve for a set in sleeve… All of it! Luckly, I know a very talented lady who has been drawing patterns her entire life, for some of the best known lables (Cue, Seafolly, Bec & Bridge… the list goes on), and she was more than willing to teach me all the tricks of the trade!

I arranged with work to take one day off a week, to go and study Pattern Making and Fashion Design. The last 4 months have been so amazing, I have learnt so much, and I have loved every minute of it.

But wait, you say, when did this go from being a hobby, to something more?

I thought the best way for me to really understand how my patterns work as actual clothing, was to make clothing from them! So I have opened an Etsy store, where you can purchase my hand-made clothing and homewares! (I’ll put all of the links at the end of this post)

Alice Skirt

The “Alice” skirt, hand-made by me, and available on the Made by Mitty Etsy Store!

I have a new website, a Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook.. All of the social media’s! I’ll also be starting a new blog, which is why this post is titled “the final post…”, on this blog, at least!

“Seigaiha in Maroon” cushion cover, available on the Etsy Store!

I’ll miss posting under the name This Girl has Knits, but if you’d still like to hear what I’m up to (including the upcoming making of a very special white dress!), please feel free to follow me under Made by Mitty!

Fiori Colorado Double Georgette Silk tie, available on the Etsy Store!

Fiori Colorado Double Georgette Silk tie, available on the Etsy Store!

I’m also making mens accessories (ties, pocket squares and bow ties), so the man in your life doesn’t feel left out!

I hope to see you soon at Made by Mitty!


share that knitting bug…

You may remember a while ago, I wrote a little post about teaching some of the girls at my workplace how to knit (during our lunch break!). It’s been a few weeks (months?) since then, so I thought I’d share the groups progress.

I am so happy to report, that the knitting group has GROWN! Yes, I’ve gathered more recruits, and they all amaze me each week by how much they’ve practiced!

Carine tried knitting for a few weeks, but requested to be taught crochet. Before I knew it, she had mastered the basic granny square. This is the second baby blanket she’s made, with plans of plenty more! I love how the yarn changes colour, and gives that classic granny square look, without having heaps of ends to sew in.

Farzana is slogging her way through a thick and chunky scarf, look how long it is! I’m very impressed with Farz, she knits on the train to and from work! She is very confident!

Although it’s a little hard to see, Claire is knitting her first beanie! She completed a scarf, which she gifted to her sister, and we both thought this was a perfect second project, as she can practice knitting a rib, and decreasing stitches. She’s working in a gorgeous yarn, Rowan Kid-Silk Haze.. This will be such a cute, fuzzy beanie!

Jessie learnt a few basic crochet skills from her mum, and has dived into making some leg warmers for her 3-year-old niece. Look at those colours! They are going to be the brightest (and warmest) legs around!

Grace is my newest pupil. She’s just put down her practice wool, and picked up some amazing classic wool by Manos Del Uruguay. She’s working on 6mm needles, and about 20 stitches, to make her first scarf. She’s already expressed wishes of adding tassels, which I think will be perfect!

I still love our Monday Knit Club, I look forward to it every week. I am very proud of all my “students”, and they are all doing so well, even though they often say they feel like they’re getting nowhere fast! It just takes practice girls, honestly, you get better with each stitch.

The Knit Bug has bitten! I can’t wait for it to bite a few more..

festival of sam – part one – adventure…

For my birthday this year, Reags surprised me with a 3 day trip to Melbourne! I love Melbourne, I’ve been a few times before, but it was a long time ago. I want to share some photos with you!

I woke up at 6.30 on Sunday morning, with Reags telling me to pack my bags. We were on the plane a few hours later, and landed in Melbourne around lunch time. Our hotel in South Yarra was really nice, it’s called The Olsen, and the entire hotel is decorated, dedicated and modelled around the artwork of Dr John Olsen, an Australian landscape artist. His work is bright, vibrant, and fluid, and it was wonderful being surrounded by his work.

We ate at some amazing cafe’s and restaurants. Two Birds One Stone, Top Paddock, Gazi, and Cookie were just some!

Although I didn’t have a favourite restaurant (meaning, I couldn’t pick one!), I was blown over by what we ordered at Om Nom, Melbourne’s first dedicated dessert bar.

Raspberry Fields

This is called Raspberry Field, and it was the most amazing dessert I’ve ever eaten. The menu read “Raspberry & Lychee sorbet, Raspberry & Rosewater Panna cotta, Lychee & Rosewater spheres, meringue” There were no pictures of what it looked like, and I’m glad, the surprise was incredible!

We found so many little second-hand shops, and one massive one, that had all manner of stuff crammed in it. This is the smallest sample imaginable.

What I love about Melbourne, is the amazing and diverse streets and lanes. We found heaps of cool backdrops to model against.

Our hotel had little smart cars that you could hire out during the day. We drove to St Kilda and spent the day walking along the pier and taking silly pictures.

“Melbournians” seem to enjoy naming things after me!

The morning of my birthday, Reags woke me up with a little champagne breakfast/dessert! The dessert was really nice, and not as sweet as I thought it would be.

We jumped back on a plane to Sydney, where I thought we’d be heading home, adventure all over. However, Reags had a room for us at the Shangri-La hotel, just like last year!

The final surprise for the Festival Of Sam, was meeting my friends at Cafe Sydney for dinner! They were so sneaky, the week before they had cooked me a cake and said “We’ll celebrate your birthday now, because we probably won’t be able to see you on the day”. Little did I know, dinner was already planned!

I had a wonderful time, and I feel very spoilt, and loved! I can’t wait to go back to Melbourne and explore the area’s we didn’t get to.

Stay tuned for “part two”…

vivid sydney 2013…

Reagan and I went to the Vivid Light Festival last night, and it was simply stunning! He took some really amazing photos, and I’d like to share a few of them with you.

If you’d like to see the short video Reagan made of Vivid, click here!

Pyrmont Bridge tree installation

Pyrmont Bridge tree installation

A touch screen panel let you change the colour of the lights on this building. It was wonderful to play with!

A touch screen panel let you change the colour of the lights on this building. It was wonderful to play with!

Me watching the lights change colour at Darling Harbour

Me watching the lights change colour at Darling Harbour

Rats! These were floating in the water at Walsh Bay, and looked very eerie!

Rats! These were floating in the water at Walsh Bay, and looked very eerie!

Bulbs at the Citybank Pop Up Bar - Darling Harbour

Bulbs at the Citybank Pop Up Bar – Darling Harbour

Reagan walking through the illuminated poles at The Rocks

Reagan walking through the illuminated poles at The Rocks

Sydney Opera House, in all it's colourful glory!

Sydney Opera House, in all it’s colourful glory!

Ever-changing light tunnel at Circular Quay

Ever-changing light tunnel at Circular Quay

Sails at Walsh Bay

Sails at Walsh Bay

Sydney Harbour Bridge from Walsh Bay

Sydney Harbour Bridge from Walsh Bay

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge

twenty seven…

I celebrated my 27th birthday this week, and I must say, that I have never experienced a birthday like this. My (very creative) boyfriend, Reagan, named it “The Festival of Sam”, and it has certainly been festival-like indeed.

I woke up on my birthday morning to breakfast in bed, and my first gift of the day; tickets to see The Great Gatsby in Gold Class! I was then handed a certificate, informing me that I would receive clues throughout the day as to what was happening that night. My first clue was a scrabble tile, the letter L. My brain went into overdrive.. what could this mean??? Exactly one hour later, I received another tile, S. Liposuction… Sloth… Salamander… Salsa…? The letters continued to make their way to me, one an hour, all day. Eventually, I had them all, and had re-arranged them into “Shangri La“.

After work, Reagan collected me, and we headed to the Shangri La hotel. I originally thought we were just having dinner at the restaurant, but no, he told me that we had a room for the night, with the best possible view! Our room was on the 12th floor, overlooking Sydney harbour!

Sydney Harbour Bridge (left), Sydney Opera House (right)

Sydney Harbour Bridge (left), Sydney Opera House (right)

We headed up to Blu Bar on 36 and had a cocktail each, while looking out over the Sydney skyline. Gorgeous, to say the least. We had dinner reservations at an amazing Japanese restaurant called “China Doll“, where we ate Chilli Salt Squid, Steamed Prawn and Green Bean Dumplings and Peking Duck Pancakes. Yum yum YUM!

We went for a little stroll along the board walk, then headed back to the hotel, where we cracked a bottle of Moet and drooled over our view. There was one more surprise. Reagan handed me an envelope. Inside was another certificate. This one said that I would be going overseas with Reagan for two and a half weeks!! We are going to London, New York City, Washington D.C and Paris! 

Am I the luckiest, most spoilt girl ever?! I am over the moon and so very, very excited! I’ve never been overseas before, and I’m so happy that my first trip will be shared with the man that I love. We are planning to go in August, so be prepared for lots of photos and updates about our trip!

an autumn day at mayfield gardens…

There is a magical place, just over 3 hours drive from Sydney, called Mayfield Gardens. It is one of the largest privately owned cool climate gardens in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s only open to the public three weekends in both Autumn and Spring. My boyfriend and I, along with my parents, paid a rather lovely visit to the gardens last weekend.

To say they are stunning, is an understatement. Every turn of the path held something new and wonderful to look at. The workmanship of every detail is clear, and it is obvious that the owner of the gardens has an amazing love of nature and design.

My boyfriend and I both took our camera’s, and you can see some of our photos below.

It look us about 3 hours to walk around the entire estate. The weather was gorgeous, warm and sunny without a hint of wind. After our adventures around the gardens, we were all famished! Luckily, there was an onsite, pop-up style cafe, where we sat on a few hay-bales and devoured our lunch!

If you are lucky to live anywhere near the Mayfield Gardens, I highly recommend you visit! I can guarantee, you will not be disappointed!