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false start…

Whenever I am teaching someone about knitting, one of the main things I like to get across is this. If you’re not prepared to pull your work apart, you’re not ready to knit. This is something my Mum always used to say when she was teaching me to knit.

Realizing that you’ve made a mistake in your knitting can be a really disheartening moment. You’ve worked so hard, and concentrated for so long, and you still manage to screw it up. Pulling it apart and starting again can sometimes be a hard thing to swallow.

I cast on the gorgeous Kit Cami last week, and got all the way through the 2.5 inches of half linen stitch, before I realized that I had cast on for the wrong size. How on earth did I do that..?! I blame watching The Vampire Diaries while casting on, obviously I’m easily distracted.

I cried about my mistake to my friend Nyome, whom I’ve been guiding with her knitting. She smiled, and said “If you’re not ready to pull it apart, you’re not ready to knit!”


Frogging this at lunch time today...!

Frogging this at lunch time today…!


two little FO’s…

It’s been a while since I posted about a finished object! There are a few reasons..

  1. I’ve had a few different things on the needles at the same time
  2. I’ve been doing a little more drawing, and other crafty things
  3. I found a hole in the sleeve of the jumper I’ve been working on, and it made me SO MAD that I threw it back in the bag, and haven’t had the stomach to pick it up again since

I will finish that jumper.. I will, I promise.. Just, not any time soon..

ANYWAY! Onto something I have finished!

Yes, it’s another cowl! I know, I know, I need to do something different, but I just love this pattern, and I can’t talk enough about the wool! This is Manos del Uruguay Maxima, in the Mixed Berries colour-way. It’s squish and beautiful, I just can’t get enough!

Using 6mm circular needles, I cast on 146 stitches, gave the cast on a single twist, then used 1 stitch joined the round. I worked in seed stitch until I ran out of wool.

Just like my last cowl, this one is long enough to twist and slip over my head, making a super thick neck warmer. This wool is really gorgeous, you can’t see any distinct twist, it’s almost like the strand has been felted. Love love love!! And, I probably don’t need to share this, but I have another 4 skeins at home, waiting to be made into something gorgeous!

I did say that I had 2 FO’s for this post.. And here it is! Haha, it’s not very exciting, just a hottie cover-up! I chose this to teach myself how to knit in the Continental style. I’ve always been an English knitter, but I was curious about Continental. What I found, is that the knit stitch is easy and really quick! The purl stitch, however, is a bit trickier, and weirdly, it hurt my right thumb when working on the back side. Anyway, I feel confident enough to switch between the two styles, depending on the project, and my mood.

Which style of knitting do you prefer? Have you tried both? I’m very interested to know how many people are in each camp!

share that knitting bug…

You may remember a while ago, I wrote a little post about teaching some of the girls at my workplace how to knit (during our lunch break!). It’s been a few weeks (months?) since then, so I thought I’d share the groups progress.

I am so happy to report, that the knitting group has GROWN! Yes, I’ve gathered more recruits, and they all amaze me each week by how much they’ve practiced!

Carine tried knitting for a few weeks, but requested to be taught crochet. Before I knew it, she had mastered the basic granny square. This is the second baby blanket she’s made, with plans of plenty more! I love how the yarn changes colour, and gives that classic granny square look, without having heaps of ends to sew in.

Farzana is slogging her way through a thick and chunky scarf, look how long it is! I’m very impressed with Farz, she knits on the train to and from work! She is very confident!

Although it’s a little hard to see, Claire is knitting her first beanie! She completed a scarf, which she gifted to her sister, and we both thought this was a perfect second project, as she can practice knitting a rib, and decreasing stitches. She’s working in a gorgeous yarn, Rowan Kid-Silk Haze.. This will be such a cute, fuzzy beanie!

Jessie learnt a few basic crochet skills from her mum, and has dived into making some leg warmers for her 3-year-old niece. Look at those colours! They are going to be the brightest (and warmest) legs around!

Grace is my newest pupil. She’s just put down her practice wool, and picked up some amazing classic wool by Manos Del Uruguay. She’s working on 6mm needles, and about 20 stitches, to make her first scarf. She’s already expressed wishes of adding tassels, which I think will be perfect!

I still love our Monday Knit Club, I look forward to it every week. I am very proud of all my “students”, and they are all doing so well, even though they often say they feel like they’re getting nowhere fast! It just takes practice girls, honestly, you get better with each stitch.

The Knit Bug has bitten! I can’t wait for it to bite a few more..

so much stockinette…

I’ve been working on a larger-than-normal knit for a few weeks now, which is why I haven’t been posting a lot lately! To try and get this item finished so I can actually wear it this winter, I told myself that I would work on this, and only this, until it’s done.

I’m knitting my first ever jumper. The pattern is the incredible custom fit raglan (free on Rav!), and I’m finding it lovely to knit. The raglan increase was really interesting, and I’ve almost finished the 40cm slog of stockinette for the body. Once that’s done, it’s just the sleeves, and then I can wear this baby!

I’ve been keeping very detailed notes along the way, once I finish (and get some decent pictures), I’ll let you know my entire process.

marie antoniette mobius…

I love quick, one skein knits! That instant satisfaction of a finished item is just thrilling! When I laid my hands on this gorgeous 10 ply merino wool by Manos del Uruguay, I knew I’d have to start working with it straight away. The colourway is ‘Marie Antoniette’, hence my project name.

I referenced my Jo Sharp Modern Knits pattern book, and found a simple twisted cowl that would work wonderfully with my single skein. I figured out that I only had 2/3 of the recommended yardage, so I cast on 141 stitches and would work until I ran out of wool.

Before using 1 stitch to join in the round, I carefully gave my cast-on a single twist. This means that my cowl will have this permanent curl, it will never lay flat. This shape actually has a name, it’s called a ‘mobius strip’, and it’s a one-sided object. I think it’s pretty neat!

I worked the entire cowl in seed stitch, which makes a lovely, squishy fabric that holds its shape well. I also like that with my number of stitches, I got a faint stripe effect due to the kettle dyed wool.

There were a few inconsistencies in my skein, which you can see above. I guess that is to be expected with hand crafted yarn. I don’t mind it too much, it gives a little character.

I worked until I only had enough yarn to cast off. My cowl is about 28cm wide, and long enough to loop around my head, and fit snuggly against my neck. It’s just starting to get cold here, I can see this cowl getting a lot of use!

strawberries & cream beanie…

After I posted a picture of my blue snowflake beanie on my Instragram, a friend of mine asked if I could knit one for her. With no other stranded knitting projects on my list, I took the opportunity to practice some more.

This is the same pattern as I used last time, with a few alterations. I went up a needle size, and increased the stitch number. This made my slightly tight beanie, much larger and slouchier. When I knit the ribbing, it was way too loose, so after I finished the beanie, I went back to try and un-ravel the cast on. Lesson learnt. It doesn’t just un-ravel the same as when your ripping from your needles (probably why the ‘provisional cast-on was invented!). So, I had to cut the ribbing off, close to where I started the colourwork, and slowly pick up the live stitches. It’s still a little loose, but I think it will be fine.

The wool is my favourite work-horse, Luxury from Bendigo Woollen Mills, in Cream and Brick. This wool is so soft, and a dream to knit with, I just love it!

I feel like I’m getting better at stranded knitting, I’ll have to have a look for some more patterns that I can practice on. Maybe some mittens!

mumma’s socks…

For Mother’s Day this year, I gave my mum some wool and needles, so she could knit her first pair of socks! For all her years of knitting, she had never attempted socks, and I was more than happy to give her the little nudge she needed.

Well, just two weeks later, she was finished! As I write this, she is already half way through her next pair. I think I’ve given my mum The Bug!