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share that knitting bug…

You may remember a while ago, I wrote a little post about teaching some of the girls at my workplace how to knit (during our lunch break!). It’s been a few weeks (months?) since then, so I thought I’d share the groups progress.

I am so happy to report, that the knitting group has GROWN! Yes, I’ve gathered more recruits, and they all amaze me each week by how much they’ve practiced!

Carine tried knitting for a few weeks, but requested to be taught crochet. Before I knew it, she had mastered the basic granny square. This is the second baby blanket she’s made, with plans of plenty more! I love how the yarn changes colour, and gives that classic granny square look, without having heaps of ends to sew in.

Farzana is slogging her way through a thick and chunky scarf, look how long it is! I’m very impressed with Farz, she knits on the train to and from work! She is very confident!

Although it’s a little hard to see, Claire is knitting her first beanie! She completed a scarf, which she gifted to her sister, and we both thought this was a perfect second project, as she can practice knitting a rib, and decreasing stitches. She’s working in a gorgeous yarn, Rowan Kid-Silk Haze.. This will be such a cute, fuzzy beanie!

Jessie learnt a few basic crochet skills from her mum, and has dived into making some leg warmers for her 3-year-old niece. Look at those colours! They are going to be the brightest (and warmest) legs around!

Grace is my newest pupil. She’s just put down her practice wool, and picked up some amazing classic wool by Manos Del Uruguay. She’s working on 6mm needles, and about 20 stitches, to make her first scarf. She’s already expressed wishes of adding tassels, which I think will be perfect!

I still love our Monday Knit Club, I look forward to it every week. I am very proud of all my “students”, and they are all doing so well, even though they often say they feel like they’re getting nowhere fast! It just takes practice girls, honestly, you get better with each stitch.

The Knit Bug has bitten! I can’t wait for it to bite a few more..


stash-busting star-burst granny square cushion…

Cast your crafty minds back to May 2013, you might just remember that I posted about some granny squares that I had sewed together, with all intentions of making a cushion. They were good intentions, really they were.. however.. that granny square sat folded up in my wool stash, waiting, waiting…

Until yesterday! I had an urge to dig it out, and give it the attention it needed. There was a plain, navy cushion sitting around, that was a perfect size match for my square. I pulled the insert out, and hand sewed my granny square directly over the top of the cover.

I shoved the insert back in, and zipped it up. It looks perfect! The darker colour behind the work really makes the squares pop. The pattern is really cute, I like how it starts off circular, but ends in a square.

It’s about time I finished this project! Now it’s sitting in our lounge room, for everyone to see!

justine’s baby blanket…

It seems like there is always a little baby somewhere in my life that I can make presents for. I really enjoy making gifts for babies, I imagine them growing up and saying things like “I’ve had this dolly since I was born”, or the mums and dads saying “Aunty Sam made this for you!”, when I am clearly not a related Aunty!

I met Justine at work a few years ago, and we became close friends very quickly. She’s got a wicked sense of humour, and I love her to bits. When she told me she was expecting a baby, I was giddy with happiness for her! I started to think about things to make for her, and I settled on a blanket.

You may remember a while ago, I wrote a post on how I dye wool with food colouring. Well, this was the intended project!

I knew I wanted this blanket mostly white, with splashes of bright colours mottled throughout. Justine doesn’t know if she’s having a boy or a girl, so I kept this blanket gender neutral.

Some of the pictures are a little warm in colour, but this picture is probably the best representation of the actual colour.

I made this blanket using a basic Granny Square pattern, round after round after round. I really like this method of creating a blanket, there is little to no concentration required, and I could work on it in front of the TV, or in the car, without the need of referring to a pattern.

The size of the blanket was determined by how much wool I had (400 grams). Once I started to run low, I ran a slip stitch around the edge for a border. The blanket ended up being about 90cm square, after blocking.

I love how it turned out. It’s squishy, and very warm! The colours are bright, and I love how they pooled in some areas. The wool I used is 100% machine washable, making it easy to clean, and the “dye” I used is just food colouring, so no nasty chemicals were needed.

I can’t wait to see bubba laying on it, squawking his or her lungs out, as I’m told they do!

PS: I think she’s having a little girl!

current wip’s…

I must admit.. In my excitement, before I had even finished my first pair of knitted socks, I’d bought a ball of wool to knit the next pair! This isn’t uncommon.. right? At least I hadn’t cast on while the blue socks were still on the needles! As you can see, these are going to be super-dooper-crazy-rainbow-brighten-your-winters-day kind of socks. I’m using Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball (which I bought from my LWS), and a toe-up patterns from Wendy Knits: Socks From The Toe Up. These are slightly wider than my first pair, and I’m thinking they may not fit as snug. I’ll finish one sock, then decide if I have to frog it and start over (please, please no).

My other WIP is actually a bit of a secret.. So for now, I’ll just show you a ‘detail’ shot. I’m just over half way through, and once it’s gifted, I’ll post more complete photos.

so tantalizingly close to completion…

I was going to wait until my granny square cushion was completed before I blogged about it again, but I just couldn’t wait!! I finished all of the squares over the weekend, blocked them, and then sewed them together using a whip stitch. I had enough of the light grey colour to do a boarder of double crochet, which I think really finishes it off nicely.

The completed square is roughly 37cm wide, sometimes dipping to 35cm wide, even after blocking. It should be fine when I stitch it to the backing though. I bought a creamy coloured fabric for the backing, I really hope it isn’t too yellow for the overall colour scheme.

The next time I post about this, I promise you will be looking at the completed cushion! Here is a link to the pattern I used, if you’d like to try it out for yourself!


an evening of knit and crochet…

I have a lovely friend called Nyome, she lives just down the road from me, and each week we meet at one of our houses, have dinner together and watch some trash TV. A few weeks ago, on one of these nights, I got my knitting out and worked on it while we were sitting on the lounge. Nyome’s fingers started to itch. She slowly lost interest in the TV and asked if I had a spare set of needles and some wool that she could do some ‘practice knitting’ with. I hurried off and found her the needed equipment, and we spent the rest of the night going over the basics, casting on, how to hold the wool, knit stitch, purl stitch etc etc etc…

Since then, our catch up nights have always included knitting. Last night she proudly showed me the progress on her scarf, which she’s pulled apart no more than 10 times. She’s doing a nice ribbed pattern, 4 knit and 4 purl. It will be so lovely and warm when she’s finished! See those knitting needles? I bought them for her as a gift, something to encourage her to continue knitting, and so far, my plan has worked!

You can buy yourself a pair of the needles from The Haby Goddess. They are so precious, why not grab a few!

While Nyome knitted, I worked on two more sunburst granny squares. I’ve added navy blue to the mix, just because I was running low on the taupe colour. I actually really like the navy blue with the turquoise, I thought it might not look great together, but I was happily surprised.

The size of the cushion will depend on how much wool I end up using, I don’t want to have to buy more to finish this. That would totally ruin the idea of using up my stash! Let’s see how many I can get done over the weekend!


sunburst granny squares…

Yarn stash. Everyone seems to have one. Who knew you could form a deep and emotional bond with yarn! I keep almost everything; the smallest ball of yarn I’ve kept could fit in the palm of my hand. What can you do with all these tiny bits of wool? Seeing as my mum added to my yarn stash on the weekend (which I am actually quite happy about), I thought I should work on bringing the stash down a few notches.

What better way to do this than granny squares! I found this really cute ‘Sunburst’ pattern on Pinterest from Priscillascrochet, and thought I’d give it a trial. I’m using the left over wool from my crochet blanket, don’t you think the colours look amazing together? I really like how the squares look slightly different when I use another colour sequence. I’m hoping to have enough wool to do 9 squares, and join them together to make a cushion cover.

I find this pattern very easy to follow, and it works up nice and quick, great for instant satisfaction! Keep an eye out to see the finished cushion!