festival of sam – part one – adventure…

For my birthday this year, Reags surprised me with a 3 day trip to Melbourne! I love Melbourne, I’ve been a few times before, but it was a long time ago. I want to share some photos with you!

I woke up at 6.30 on Sunday morning, with Reags telling me to pack my bags. We were on the plane a few hours later, and landed in Melbourne around lunch time. Our hotel in South Yarra was really nice, it’s called The Olsen, and the entire hotel is decorated, dedicated and modelled around the artwork of Dr John Olsen, an Australian landscape artist. His work is bright, vibrant, and fluid, and it was wonderful being surrounded by his work.

We ate at some amazing cafe’s and restaurants. Two Birds One Stone, Top Paddock, Gazi, and Cookie were just some!

Although I didn’t have a favourite restaurant (meaning, I couldn’t pick one!), I was blown over by what we ordered at Om Nom, Melbourne’s first dedicated dessert bar.

Raspberry Fields

This is called Raspberry Field, and it was the most amazing dessert I’ve ever eaten. The menu read “Raspberry & Lychee sorbet, Raspberry & Rosewater Panna cotta, Lychee & Rosewater spheres, meringue” There were no pictures of what it looked like, and I’m glad, the surprise was incredible!

We found so many little second-hand shops, and one massive one, that had all manner of stuff crammed in it. This is the smallest sample imaginable.

What I love about Melbourne, is the amazing and diverse streets and lanes. We found heaps of cool backdrops to model against.

Our hotel had little smart cars that you could hire out during the day. We drove to St Kilda and spent the day walking along the pier and taking silly pictures.

“Melbournians” seem to enjoy naming things after me!

The morning of my birthday, Reags woke me up with a little champagne breakfast/dessert! The dessert was really nice, and not as sweet as I thought it would be.

We jumped back on a plane to Sydney, where I thought we’d be heading home, adventure all over. However, Reags had a room for us at the Shangri-La hotel, just like last year!

The final surprise for the Festival Of Sam, was meeting my friends at Cafe Sydney for dinner! They were so sneaky, the week before they had cooked me a cake and said “We’ll celebrate your birthday now, because we probably won’t be able to see you on the day”. Little did I know, dinner was already planned!

I had a wonderful time, and I feel very spoilt, and loved! I can’t wait to go back to Melbourne and explore the area’s we didn’t get to.

Stay tuned for “part two”…


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