first time stranded knitting…

How intimidating is colourwork? I was equal parts petrified by it, and annoyed that I couldn’t do it. By “couldn’t do it” I mean “too woosie to even try it”. After hours of research (trawling through blogs, and Pinterest for visuals), I came up with a plan of attack.

Choose something with an easy construction that I’ve made before, and add a simple, one colour pattern.

A beanie was the perfect answer. I had about 100g of wool left over from Reag’s beanie, and the contrast colour was in my stash too. For the bones of the beanie, I used “Nordic Nights” by DROP Designs. I found the motif on the internet, and I can’t remember where! I only used a 12 stitch repeat of it, so it’s not even the entire pattern. EDIT: I found it! Winter Night by Katrine Hammer on Ravelry.

I jumped straight in the deep end with my stranded technique, and chose to try knitting with both hands. I had the navy blue in my right hand, knitting in the English style, and the contrast in my left hand, knitting Continental. For a few rounds, it was awkward and uncomfortable, but I slowly got used to it. I am really proud of the back of my work, I love how you can see the inverted design.

This is a really good basic pattern. The point is well-shaped, and the pom-pom is too cute! Mine did turn out a smidge small, but I’m hoping that it may stretch out with wear. Blocking would also help, but I’m unsure how to block something, that is essentially round, correctly.

Completing this stranded beanie has given me a lot of confidence to try more colourwork projects. I’d really love to knit a pair of mittens, there are some stunning patterns on Ravelry that I think I’ll suss out over the weekend!


6 thoughts on “first time stranded knitting…

  1. Stitch Boom Bang

    I think strand/intarsia knitting is really fun, and there’s so much you can do with it. Nice work – looks great.

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