mothers day…

It was Mother’s Day on Sunday, and this year, I didn’t have to think too hard about a gift for Mum. You see, even though I still think she is a master knitter (compared to me!), she had commented a while ago that she had never knit a pair of socks! I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that my mum is highly sensitive to the ITCH-FACTOR that can come with wool.

I found the perfect blend for my mum to try.. Misti Hand Painted Sock Yarn is 50% superfine alpaca, 30% merino wool, 10% silk, and 10% nylon. I got the Northern Lights colourway, but really, I could have bought one of every colourway, they are all gorgeous! I wouldn’t mind knitting a pair up myself!

Along with the hank, I bought mum 2 pairs of 2.75mm Addi circular needles, so she can knit 2 socks and the same time (a technique I am LOVING!) I also wrote her a little poem, which I embroidered and put in a frame.

I’ll post some photos of my mums socks when she’s done!

It’s safe to say, your circulation, really is quite poor. Plus the fact, your naked feet, pad across an icy floor. I have the solution, I’m proud to say, needles & wool to knit some socks, and really make your Mothers Day


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