sock monkeys and babies…

Over Easter, Reags and I went to visit a few new additions to the family. I couldn’t go empty handed, so I made each of the new babies a sock monkey. I’ve been making these for a while now, they are super easy and don’t take long to whip up. One monkey uses a pair of knee high socks, some stuffing, and a little felt to make the eyes. I’ve found that these are great first present for babies, they are soft and squishy, easy to hold onto, and don’t have any hard bits that could fall off. Also, machine washable, which is brilliant!

Here is 12 week old Bubba D with his monkey. Apparently, stripes are his favourite thing at the moment, so monkey couldn’t be more perfect. Bubba D was squeeling and giggling when I was playing with him and the monkey, which made me squeel and giggle. He sucked on his nose and drooled all over him, which made me very happy.

The other two monkeys were for 10 day old twin girls, Bubba S and Bubba A. I’m feeding Bubba S in the picture, and you can see that the monkey is much bigger than her at the moment! I missed getting a picture of Bubba A with her monkey, the time just flew by without me noticing. However, I did snap this cute picture of Bubba S, which makes me laugh!


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