my mum has knits too…

I wonder if I would have ever picked up a pair of knitting needles, if it hadn’t been for the influence of my mum. She’s been an avid knitter for as long as I can remember. Mum is about a zillion times quicker than I am (“It’s not a race, Sam” she says), and she seems to be pumping out new items every other week. Reags and I spent the weekend at my mum and dad’s place, and I took the opportunity to dig through her wardrobe, and drool over what I found…

Mum loves little tanks, that’s obvious from the amount she has! This tank is knit with Mercerised Cotton D-45 from Dairing, colour #08. From memory, it’s basically just 2 rectangles, possibly with a small amount of shaping at the sides. I easily could have pinched this…

This is “Girlfriend” from Dairing, knit in Cotton Linen DM-26, colour #10. It can be worn a few different ways, as shown on the Dairing website. Mum used the left-overs to knit a little belt, which I’ve got around my waist. I think this is really sweet!

Another one from Dairing! This cute little top is knitted in Cotton linen slub CL-2, I’m guessing colour #01. Mums probably used a pattern for this, but I wasn’t organised enough to ask! I love the little frill along the bottom hem!

Love. Love. LOVE this shawl! I pulled it out of the drawer and yelled “MUM! Have I seen this before?! When did you make this? Can I have it?”. Her answers, I don’t know, A while ago, No. This is such a beautiful knitted piece, and it was really warm too, just sitting on my shoulders.

It’s made from 100% wool, which is odd for my mum, because she is highly sensitive to the ITCH-FACTOR of wool (even the stuff I say is super soft, she finds itchy!). The pattern is “Annis” by Susanna IC, and you can find it on Ravelry.  Who knows, I might very sneekly nab this one next time I visit cast one on for myself!

My mum is, without a doubt, my biggest knitting inspiration, and she’s taught me a lot of what I know. Thanks mum xoxo


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