60 year old magazine…

My gorgeous friend, Nicole, cuts hair, but isn’t a hairdresser. There is a level of trust I have in this girl, as I ask/push/beg let her cut my hair. Last night, I went to her place for a trim, and she surprised me with this.

From The New Idea for Women; June 23, 1954

A copy of “New Idea” from 1954, which has a knitting theme. I can’t tell you how much I love this. I had a little giggle while I was studying the cover, look at the sneaky placement of a copy of “New Idea” on the side table! And I’m sure that wicker-looking basket isn’t full of wool (and if it is, what a stash!).

From The New Idea for Women; June 23, 1954

I love that the magazine was running a competition for knitters, it is something I probably would have entered, if I’d been alive in 1954. I also like that they had a dedicated category for Under-Twenty knitters. Even back then, they were tempting “young” people to pick up a pair of needles!

From The New Idea for Women; June 23, 1954

They included the pattern for the Fancy-Ribbed Sweater featured on the cover. I am seriously considering making this. It will probably take me a looooong time, but hopefully I’ll have it finished for next winter. Nicole asked me if I could still read this pattern, thinking that knitting language must surely have changed a bit in the last 60 years. After I read the instructions for the Front out aloud, she said “Ok! OK! Enough! I get it!” Hahaha.

From The New Idea for Women; June 23, 1954

This is probably my favourite page out of the entire magazine. This add for Patons is so retro, I think I’ll cut it out and frame it. Look at her raised eyebrow and that smirk. It say “Yes, I knit, I’m good at it, and I know it!” I think it gives off a very confident feel, and I like that, as sometimes I am a little shy about the fact that I knit. I like the little pin too, it looks like a little Rotary wheel.

I enjoyed looking into a slice of the past like this, it feels very authentic (obviously, because it is). If/when I cast on for the sweater, I’ll let you know!


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