current wip’s…

I must admit.. In my excitement, before I had even finished my first pair of knitted socks, I’d bought a ball of wool to knit the next pair! This isn’t uncommon.. right? At least I hadn’t cast on while the blue socks were still on the needles! As you can see, these are going to be super-dooper-crazy-rainbow-brighten-your-winters-day kind of socks. I’m using Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball (which I bought from my LWS), and a toe-up patterns from Wendy Knits: Socks From The Toe Up. These are slightly wider than my first pair, and I’m thinking they may not fit as snug. I’ll finish one sock, then decide if I have to frog it and start over (please, please no).

My other WIP is actually a bit of a secret.. So for now, I’ll just show you a ‘detail’ shot. I’m just over half way through, and once it’s gifted, I’ll post more complete photos.


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