blue sock magic…

Be prepared for lots of pictures, and probably more description than necessary. I am very proud, and I’m not afraid to show it!

I’ve always avoided knitting socks. They seem so technical, so fiddly, those small double pointed needles, that thin wool.. but I was seeing them everywhere! I couldn’t stop thinking about how cuddly and warm they would be.

Armed with my gorgeous sock wool and a basic looking pattern from Patons, I cast on and hoped for the best.

Before I knew it, the ribbing was done, and I’d finished the leg (which I made a little shorter because I was freaking out about not having enough wool to do 2 socks)! I started working on the heel flap, and I LOVE the way Knit one, slip one knitwise turns into a slightly thicker, squisher fabric. Perfect for an area that has a “high wear” factor.

I turned the heel without an issue, and the gusset went by quickly too, even if it was a little tricky to start. All of a sudden, I was down the foot and shaping the toe. Now this is when I get a little nervous.. I’ve never grafted anything before, and the instructions on the pattern weren’t that helpful. I turned to YouTube for a tutorial, and found a BRILLIANT way to graft! Instead of using a darning needle to sew the stitches, a very clever lady has figured out how to knit the stitches, resulting in a perfectly grafted toe. Watch the tutorial here, honestly it was so easy!

Annnnnnnd… I did it. I actually knitted a sock. I was stoked, to say the least. I wore the one sock by itself while I knitted the next (has anyone else done this?). I love them so much, but I’m sure you already know that!


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