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current wip’s…

I must admit.. In my excitement, before I had even finished my first pair of knitted socks, I’d bought a ball of wool to knit the next pair! This isn’t uncommon.. right? At least I hadn’t cast on while the blue socks were still on the needles! As you can see, these are going to be super-dooper-crazy-rainbow-brighten-your-winters-day kind of socks. I’m using Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball (which I bought from my LWS), and a toe-up patterns from Wendy Knits: Socks From The Toe Up. These are slightly wider than my first pair, and I’m thinking they may not fit as snug. I’ll finish one sock, then decide if I have to frog it and start over (please, please no).

My other WIP is actually a bit of a secret.. So for now, I’ll just show you a ‘detail’ shot. I’m just over half way through, and once it’s gifted, I’ll post more complete photos.


blue sock magic…

Be prepared for lots of pictures, and probably more description than necessary. I am very proud, and I’m not afraid to show it!

I’ve always avoided knitting socks. They seem so technical, so fiddly, those small double pointed needles, that thin wool.. but I was seeing them everywhere! I couldn’t stop thinking about how cuddly and warm they would be.

Armed with my gorgeous sock wool and a basic looking pattern from Patons, I cast on and hoped for the best.

Before I knew it, the ribbing was done, and I’d finished the leg (which I made a little shorter because I was freaking out about not having enough wool to do 2 socks)! I started working on the heel flap, and I LOVE the way Knit one, slip one knitwise turns into a slightly thicker, squisher fabric. Perfect for an area that has a “high wear” factor.

I turned the heel without an issue, and the gusset went by quickly too, even if it was a little tricky to start. All of a sudden, I was down the foot and shaping the toe. Now this is when I get a little nervous.. I’ve never grafted anything before, and the instructions on the pattern weren’t that helpful. I turned to YouTube for a tutorial, and found a BRILLIANT way to graft! Instead of using a darning needle to sew the stitches, a very clever lady has figured out how to knit the stitches, resulting in a perfectly grafted toe. Watch the tutorial here, honestly it was so easy!

Annnnnnnd… I did it. I actually knitted a sock. I was stoked, to say the least. I wore the one sock by itself while I knitted the next (has anyone else done this?). I love them so much, but I’m sure you already know that!

tammer shrug completed…

I’ve finished my Tammer Shrug from Dairing! It’s made with 100% silk (which has a nice texture to it, like raw silk), and I love it! It didn’t turn out exactly like the patteren promised, but I don’t mind at all.

The arms don’t reach my wrists (as intended), but instead hug my elbows. I made the bottom section longer than the top, so when worn one way, I have a long shrug with a little collar (seen above).

Or if I flip it over, the longer part falls much further down my shoulders (seen above). I think I prefer this version, but I will always have the choice, depending on my mood.

The entire shrug is knitted in gater stitch, and I really like how the silk shows off the stitches. This was brilliant to work, all in one piece, with easy shaping. Perfect to do while sitting on the lounge watching TV.

Reagan and I drove to Kiama for my photoshoot (hehe). It’s an easy 2 hour drive from Sydney, and a really cute little town. The perfect excuse to get out of the city for a day!

knitted sock & colour pondering…

I’ve tried knitting socks on a few occasions, and I normally end up with a great tangle of wool and needles. Getting those needles aligned, and the cast on stitches not being twisted was always my downfall. So, no socks for me.

Until now! I was seduced into buying this gorgeous sock wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills, and I promised myself I’d give knitting socks a red-hot go.

I’ve frogged four times.

However! I will continue, and promise to show you a picture, once I’m more than 2cm into the sock (because, really, how exciting is that?).. In the meantime, I’ve been dreaming of dyeing my own sock wool (using my food colour method), and I’ve been on the hunt for some colour combinations. After a quick search on Pinterest, I found some really lovely colour pallets from Design Seeds, and one day (after finishing what I have on the needles already) I’d love to try a few of these out!

Teal shades are gorgeous, with a punch of coral to break it up

Teal shades are gorgeous, with a punch of coral to break it up

I love how these colours look aged and weathered

I love how these colours look aged and weathered

Beautiful grey colours, remind me of a stormy day

Beautiful grey colours, remind me of a stormy day

I'm imagining a mostly blue sock, accented with the other colours

I’m imagining a mostly maroon sock, accented with the other colours

Soft, delicate colours that blend into each other

Soft, delicate colours that blend into each other

I wonder how well I’ll go matching food colouring to the ones above.. Might be a little difficult, but I’m all up for experimenting!