can upholster…

I don’t think this is strickly classed as upholstering, but I recovered our dining room chairs a few weeks ago. We got them off GumTree, $100 for the four! I was going to strip them back and paint them white (I seem to be doing this a lot lately..), but it turns out they are cedar chairs! So we just gave them a light stain, and are yet to put a bees wax sealer on.

The chair on the left is the ‘before’ and the other is the ‘after’. Recovering the seats was so easy! Basically, I just ripped out all of the old staples, and used the fabric as a template for the new cover. The padding and foam was in really good condition, so I didn’t even have to replace it! I used an electric stapler (kindly borrowed from my mother) to attach the new cover. I think I have pulled the fabric a little too tight in places, see how you can see a bit of tention across the front of the seat? Honestly, it doesn’t bother me too much, but I will try to keep it a little even when I do the last two chairs.

While I was in the mood, I also recovered my sewing chair in a really awesome fabric I found at Spotlight. It was 40% off too! The staples holding the original fabric on were pushed in really far, so I found it difficult to pull them out. I ended up just going straight over the top of the old stuff, as it was cotton in a creamy colour, and wouldn’t interfer with the new pattern at all.

This is a really simple way to give an old chair a new look! I like my sewing chair so much more now, it fills me with sewing inspiration and drive, which is just what I need!


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