introducing the first silk scarf…

I was close to having kittens when my silk painting supplies arrived the other day! I was so excited to start, I went home and washed, dried, and stretched my silk, ready to paint! For my first one, I followed this tutorial, which I found very helpful. However, if you read the tutorial, at the bottom, it says something along the lines of ‘wash the gutta lines out, and heat press’… You don’t want to do this! Heat set your inks before you wash the gutta out!

Stretched, with gutta lines applied

Stretched, with gutta lines applied


On goes the first colour!

On goes the first colour!


About mid way through painting...

About mid way through painting…


All done!!!

All done!!!

Once all the squares were painted, I let the scarf dry in the sun. Then I took it off the frame, and used the iron on ‘silk’ setting, and ironed it for about 20 minutes. The ink bottles indicated that after 5 minutes of heat setting, it would be fine to wash. I just wanted to be certain that no colour was going to run… After that, I washed the scarf in a bucket with cold water and a little shampoo, rinsed it off, and hung it to dry.

Wearing my new scarf!

Wearing my new scarf!

I am in love with it! I can see lots and lots of silk scarves in my future, for me, and for presents!!




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