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Beginner's Guide to Silk Painting by Mandy Southas

Beginner’s Guide to Silk Painting by Mandy Southas

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at painting silk scarves for a while now, so I ordered “Beginners Guide to Silk Painting by Mandy Southan” from The Book Depository. As soon as it arrived, I poured over the pages and read all of the instructions for the different painting techniques. I am so excited to start, I’ve ordered my supplies from Dharma Trading Co, and am patiently waiting their arrival.

While I wait, I’ve been searching the internet for some inspiration. I have included some pictures and links of my favourite styles and designs below.


(Left) The bright colours of this scarf really caught my eye. I love the abstract feel it has, it looks simply done, however I’m sure there is more work in it than meets the eye. The designers name is Klara, and you can view the Etsy shop here.

(Right) A simply design with striking colours from Ann Taylor. The colours on this one look smooth, almost like they were printed on the scarf. I love the rough edge between the white and blue. You can see the original page here.

(Left) This one is gorgeous! Still organic with movement, yet slightly more structured in design. The large rose pattern is wonderful, and really stands out against the mustard background. I also like the signature in the corner. The designers name is Takuyo, and you can view his Etsy shop here. He has heaps of brilliant designs, and I’m sure I will be drawing a lot of inspiration from him.

(Right) So delicate! The colours are beautiful and subdued, it reminds me of a garden in early spring, when it’s still a little cool. The silk of this one looks a lot thinner to the other examples I’ve shown, however I love how light and airy it looks. The designers name is Zita, and you can view her Etsy shop here.


(Left) I love how a simple design can still be interesting, depending on the colours you choose. Mustard and grey is such a classic combination, and it’s everywhere at the moment. I can see mustard and grey scarves in my future! This one is designed by Joanna Read Cotter, and you can view her Etsy store here.

I can’t wait to start creating scarves! I’ll be sure to document the process along the way and share it with you!


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