It’s been a while, hasn’t it! Time has been slipping through my fingers recently, I’m even having trouble remembering what day it is. A major factor of ZERO-TIME is directly related to the fact that I have just moved in with my boyfriend! I now live 10 minutes walk from the beach, the closest I have ever lived to the coast. However, my stuff (yarn/needles/paint/books/clothes/kitchenware/shoes/random-bits-of-paper) are now jumbled up and strewn across my new living space, and the double garage. I have no idea where anything is. Sigh, what to do…

SOLUTION: Buy brand new stuff to work on!

This weekend, I’ll be making a backpack to take on our overseas holiday. I’ve searched for something that I could just buy, but nothing ticked every box. Here is a picture of what I intend to make. Hope you stick around to see the finished project!


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