cross stitch progression…

Oh, it’s been so long! I’ve felt very unproductive this last week.. Even though I see a lot of progress after a night working on my cross stitch, I still feel that it is taking a while. I’ve finished two characters, and I have two more to go.

The Cheshire Cat has made his appearance! Look at him, with his tail in the air and that massive grin on his face! He is missing a black nose and some detail, because when I went to Spotlight to buy the 17 different colours I needed, somehow I forgot to get black! It doesn’t matter though, I’ll just continue with the other characters, and fill in with black later.

Once I’m done with the characters, I was thinking I should put an iconic quote from the story underneath them.. Something like “We’re all mad here” or “Curiouser and curiouser”.. What do you think? Does it need writing, or are they fine on their own?


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