sneaky peek…

In my regular fashion, I have several UFO’s (Un Finished Objects) laying around, crying for some love (for example: 1. granny square cushion 2. bf’s knitted tie 3. fluffy vest).. I really do try hard to finish what I start, but I just get so excited and distracted by my next project that I often leave the others behind..

Anyway, I may as well show you what I’m spending my time on at the moment (in-between reading A Storm of Swords 1: Steel and Snow that is..). It’s cross stitch! My mum did cross stitch when I was a kid, and I always wanted to join in, but it is rather time consuming and my childish enthusiasm used to dwindle rather quickly.

I’m doing a rather simple pattern, four characters from Alice In Wonderland. I’ve only completed the Mad Hatter at the moment, so you’ll have to wait and see which other characters I’ve chosen!

The June long weekend is upon us, so maybe, just maybe, I’ll have some time to work on my poor, neglected UFO’s…


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