twenty seven…

I celebrated my 27th birthday this week, and I must say, that I have never experienced a birthday like this. My (very creative) boyfriend, Reagan, named it “The Festival of Sam”, and it has certainly been festival-like indeed.

I woke up on my birthday morning to breakfast in bed, and my first gift of the day; tickets to see The Great Gatsby in Gold Class! I was then handed a certificate, informing me that I would receive clues throughout the day as to what was happening that night. My first clue was a scrabble tile, the letter L. My brain went into overdrive.. what could this mean??? Exactly one hour later, I received another tile, S. Liposuction… Sloth… Salamander… Salsa…? The letters continued to make their way to me, one an hour, all day. Eventually, I had them all, and had re-arranged them into “Shangri La“.

After work, Reagan collected me, and we headed to the Shangri La hotel. I originally thought we were just having dinner at the restaurant, but no, he told me that we had a room for the night, with the best possible view! Our room was on the 12th floor, overlooking Sydney harbour!

Sydney Harbour Bridge (left), Sydney Opera House (right)

Sydney Harbour Bridge (left), Sydney Opera House (right)

We headed up to Blu Bar on 36 and had a cocktail each, while looking out over the Sydney skyline. Gorgeous, to say the least. We had dinner reservations at an amazing Japanese restaurant called “China Doll“, where we ate Chilli Salt Squid, Steamed Prawn and Green Bean Dumplings and Peking Duck Pancakes. Yum yum YUM!

We went for a little stroll along the board walk, then headed back to the hotel, where we cracked a bottle of Moet and drooled over our view. There was one more surprise. Reagan handed me an envelope. Inside was another certificate. This one said that I would be going overseas with Reagan for two and a half weeks!! We are going to London, New York City, Washington D.C and Paris! 

Am I the luckiest, most spoilt girl ever?! I am over the moon and so very, very excited! I’ve never been overseas before, and I’m so happy that my first trip will be shared with the man that I love. We are planning to go in August, so be prepared for lots of photos and updates about our trip!


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