an evening of knit and crochet…

I have a lovely friend called Nyome, she lives just down the road from me, and each week we meet at one of our houses, have dinner together and watch some trash TV. A few weeks ago, on one of these nights, I got my knitting out and worked on it while we were sitting on the lounge. Nyome’s fingers started to itch. She slowly lost interest in the TV and asked if I had a spare set of needles and some wool that she could do some ‘practice knitting’ with. I hurried off and found her the needed equipment, and we spent the rest of the night going over the basics, casting on, how to hold the wool, knit stitch, purl stitch etc etc etc…

Since then, our catch up nights have always included knitting. Last night she proudly showed me the progress on her scarf, which she’s pulled apart no more than 10 times. She’s doing a nice ribbed pattern, 4 knit and 4 purl. It will be so lovely and warm when she’s finished! See those knitting needles? I bought them for her as a gift, something to encourage her to continue knitting, and so far, my plan has worked!

You can buy yourself a pair of the needles from The Haby Goddess. They are so precious, why not grab a few!

While Nyome knitted, I worked on two more sunburst granny squares. I’ve added navy blue to the mix, just because I was running low on the taupe colour. I actually really like the navy blue with the turquoise, I thought it might not look great together, but I was happily surprised.

The size of the cushion will depend on how much wool I end up using, I don’t want to have to buy more to finish this. That would totally ruin the idea of using up my stash! Let’s see how many I can get done over the weekend!



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