sunburst granny squares…

Yarn stash. Everyone seems to have one. Who knew you could form a deep and emotional bond with yarn! I keep almost everything; the smallest ball of yarn I’ve kept could fit in the palm of my hand. What can you do with all these tiny bits of wool? Seeing as my mum added to my yarn stash on the weekend (which I am actually quite happy about), I thought I should work on bringing the stash down a few notches.

What better way to do this than granny squares! I found this really cute ‘Sunburst’ pattern on Pinterest from Priscillascrochet, and thought I’d give it a trial. I’m using the left over wool from my crochet blanket, don’t you think the colours look amazing together? I really like how the squares look slightly different when I use another colour sequence. I’m hoping to have enough wool to do 9 squares, and join them together to make a cushion cover.

I find this pattern very easy to follow, and it works up nice and quick, great for instant satisfaction! Keep an eye out to see the finished cushion!


11 thoughts on “sunburst granny squares…

    1. serendipitycrochetforalways

      Love the colors! And the pattern is perfect. No limits in ideas. I used too, but with more pinkish combination!

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