diy fabric doll…

When I was a kiddie, Grandma’s house was a magical place. Tucked away in the Australian bush, it was a place where you could go on a bear hunt, collect ‘pearls’ (shiny seeds), and finger paint on the windows.. Oh yeah, my Ma let me smoosh paint all over her floor to ceiling glass windows! One of my favourite toys at Ma’s, was a set of fabric dolls. They were made into little old people, with grey hair, glasses and aprons. I never had a fabric doll of my own, but I know how much I loved the ones at Ma’s, and I was always very careful with them.

Trip down memory lane over, I found this amazing post on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and knew I had to try it out. The author of Make It and Love It has written a great tutorial on making fabric dolls, with lots of instructions, and a FREE pattern to download! I thought about all the different ways this pattern could turn out, you could make dolls into Disney characters, or model them on family members, or make them completely in one colour.. Oh the possibilities!

Here is my finished doll, she only took me half a day to complete! There is simply nothing difficult about this at all, as long as you can sew a straight line and have some basic hand sewing skills, you could be making these for presents in no time!

I adore her! From her little felt ballet shoes, to her long and lanky arms. She is completely soft and squishy and made from 100% cotton.

I found the only tricky part was turning out the legs and arms, they are quite thin, but they will turn, you just need a bit of patience!


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