beanie love…

Is there anything more adorable than a kiddie wrapped in wool? Jumper, socks, scarf, mittens, and of course, a beanie! I made these beanies for a friend at work, who will be taking them with her to England tomorrow. The one on the left is for a 1.5 year old, and the other for a new born. I had a bit of trouble with the pattern, the hats were turning out HUGE and I had no idea why. Either I’m reading it wrong, or using the wrong wool, or the wrong hook, or maybe I can’t actually crochet at all!! I pulled them both apart several times and decided to just eye-ball it. They turned out a little larger than I anticipated, but I figure the kiddies can just grow into them! These little beanies are so warm and soft, I’m very happy with how they (eventually) turned out.

My next project is coming along nicely, although I do admit that I started it a while ago, and put it aside to work on the baby blanket… I’m making a knitted tie for my boyfriend. He already has two, but they were purchased, and knitted in silk. The one I am making is knitted in wool, so it is a little chunky, but it is a simple pattern and I think it will look great!


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