an autumn day at mayfield gardens…

There is a magical place, just over 3 hours drive from Sydney, called Mayfield Gardens. It is one of the largest privately owned cool climate gardens in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s only open to the public three weekends in both Autumn and Spring. My boyfriend and I, along with my parents, paid a rather lovely visit to the gardens last weekend.

To say they are stunning, is an understatement. Every turn of the path held something new and wonderful to look at. The workmanship of every detail is clear, and it is obvious that the owner of the gardens has an amazing love of nature and design.

My boyfriend and I both took our camera’s, and you can see some of our photos below.

It look us about 3 hours to walk around the entire estate. The weather was gorgeous, warm and sunny without a hint of wind. After our adventures around the gardens, we were all famished! Luckily, there was an onsite, pop-up style cafe, where we sat on a few hay-bales and devoured our lunch!

If you are lucky to live anywhere near the Mayfield Gardens, I highly recommend you visit! I canĀ guarantee, you will not be disappointed!


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