hand dyed yarn…

Knitting or crocheting a gift for someone is a very special thing, but being able to personalize that gift just a little more is amazing! I have always been fascinated with dyeing and the process behind it, but I am rather impatient, and having to wait overnight for a cold dye to set is torture! HOT DYEING TO THE RESCUE! The thing I love about this technique, is that you can use food colouring as the dye, which means it is cheap, and you don’t have to deal with any nasty chemicals.

This was so much fun, and such a quick and rewarding project. I dyed this yarn with the The finished productspecific idea of crocheting a baby blanket for a work colleague who is having a little girl. Next time, I will take more photos and document my entire process for you to read over. I’ve decided to name this colour-way “Candy Sunrise”. Can’t wait to show you the finished blanket! 


3 thoughts on “hand dyed yarn…

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