a warm, crochet blanket…


Well, this is my first post on wordpress, and I am both nervous and excited. I have spent the entire morning looking at other blogs, layouts and content, stressing over how my blog is going to look and how I am going to manage it. After a few hours, I decided to get a cup of coffee, and share a project with you that I have just completed.

It has just turned into Autumn here, and slowly getting cooler ever week. The cold weather always makes me want to knit and crochet, so I set out to make a blanket to match my current obsession with the colour turquoise. I ordered my wool from Bendigo Woollen

Mills http://www.bendigowoollenmills.com.au/), 9 balls of 8 ply 100% new pure wool, in the colours Aquamarine, Koala and Ghost (3 balls of each). When the wool arrived, I grabbed a 12mm crochet hook and got to work. Using one strand of each colour, I made a chain of 72, then worked on 70 double crochet stitches. Back and forth, back and forth, until I had 100g of each colour left. I used this to run a slip stitch the entire way around the blankets egde, then I made a boarder of double crochet to finish it off.


It probably took just under 2 months to complete, as I was only doing it at night time.
The finished blanket is big enough to cover one person, two at a squeeze. It is super warm, and I think it looks a real treat sitting on the end of my bed. I can’t wait for a cold winters night to snuggle under it!

Using three strands of wool together like this would make a really great tummy blanket for a baby, as it is really chunky, but still quite soft. I’m thinking of making one for my friends baby girl, if I do I’m sure you’ll see a post right here!




8 thoughts on “a warm, crochet blanket…

  1. Three Cedars Irish Dexters

    Hello there! Welcome to the world of WordPress! I am loving that blanket you’ve completed! I really, really appreciate the idea of using 3 strands at one time. So many times, I find projects that have the appearance of yarn being stretched as much as possible, to save money. They come off with such a ‘ limpy ‘ feel to them. There is just nothing that compares to a tight weave in a warm blanket in the coldest months of winter!

    1. misssmitchell Post author

      Hello! Thank you, I love my blanket too! I agree with you, sometimes you just can’t compare to a chunky blanket. I’m even wishing for cooler weather, just so I can snuggle under it! 🙂

  2. nattyann89

    Hi! I love your blanket, it looks super soft and comfy. I can’t wait to see more of your projects! I’m a newbie to WordPress too and was just nominated for a Liebster award and it was such an amazing encouragement to keep on with my blog. I’d like to pass on the love, and nominate you for a Liebster award too. To accept your nomination, check out this link, and follow the instructions: http://natscrochet.wordpress.com/2013/04/04/the-liebster-award/
    Looking forward to your future posts and projects!

  3. mariposaroja127

    What a beautiful blanket! Welcome to the blogging community. I’m new as well and I have already come across such great content. I look forward to hearing more about your creations.

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  5. Janet Wilson

    Hi, I really like your blanket. I was just wondering, does double crochet mean the US version, or the UK version?

  6. Janet Wilson

    Thank you , it does. I wasn’t sure where you were from, you can’t always tell on the Internet. I’m from New Zealand & grew up learning the UK crochet terms. Thank you for the pattern, I can’t wait to get started.


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