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beanie love…

Is there anything more adorable than a kiddie wrapped in wool? Jumper, socks, scarf, mittens, and of course, a beanie! I made these beanies for a friend at work, who will be taking them with her to England tomorrow. The one on the left is for a 1.5 year old, and the other for a new born. I had a bit of trouble with the pattern, the hats were turning out HUGE and I had no idea why. Either I’m reading it wrong, or using the wrong wool, or the wrong hook, or maybe I can’t actually crochet at all!! I pulled them both apart several times and decided to just eye-ball it. They turned out a little larger than I anticipated, but I figure the kiddies can just grow into them! These little beanies are so warm and soft, I’m very happy with how they (eventually) turned out.

My next project is coming along nicely, although I do admit that I started it a while ago, and put it aside to work on the baby blanket… I’m making a knitted tie for my boyfriend. He already has two, but they were purchased, and knitted in silk. The one I am making is knitted in wool, so it is a little chunky, but it is a simple pattern and I think it will look great!


finished project – baby blanket…

Clap your hands, I’ve finished the baby blanket I’ve been working on! The original plan was to make the entire granny square blanket from the yarn I dyed with food colouring, but there just wasn’t enough to make it the size I wanted. No problem, I found a pink that matched perfectly. I continued with this for another three rounds, then did a single round of the yellow/pink yarn, and repeated once. I finished the blanket with a simple, but pretty, scalloped boarder.

I am so happy with this little blanket! It’s soft and warm, and the colours are so bright and fun! It’s so cute, I’m going to have a hard time giving it away!

baby bear beanie & blanket…

A friend of mine at work has recently noticed that I can knit and crochet. She asked me, ever so kindly, if I could “make me (her) a new born sized beanie for a friend, and would it be too much trouble to have it by next week..?! Oh, and can you do another one for a 1.5 year old, also by next week??” Of course, I agreed, I’m always up for a challenge!

Cute cute cute!

                       Cute cute cute!

I searched the internet for a chunky-style pattern, knowing that it would work up quickly. I decided on this pattern from PoshPatterns, as it has instructions for several different sizes. After a quick dash to the shops and 4 balls of Patons Inca yarn in hand, I got to work… and managed to misread the 3rd round of the pattern, resulting in something that looked more like a sad pot holder, rather than a cute beanie. I pulled it apart and started again. This time, I used two strands of wool together, to give a little more substance to the beanie.

The finished item doesn’t look exactly like the picture on the pattern, and I’m not too sure why, but I have no doubt it will be fine. I haven’t finished the other beanie yet, that’s this weekends project, but I will show you as soon as I’m done.

I’m still working on the baby blanket… I’ve figured that I don’t have enough of the hand dyed yarn to make it big enough to wrap baby in, so I found some yarn that matches perfectly with the other pinks in the blanket. I think I’ll do a couple of rounds in pink, then continue with the rest of the yellow/pink, then do a boarder of the solid pink. I still find myself staring at this blanket, marvelling over the gorgeous colour changes. I love how it is so simple, but looks so complex.

I can’t wait for it to be finished and gifted!


an autumn day at mayfield gardens…

There is a magical place, just over 3 hours drive from Sydney, called Mayfield Gardens. It is one of the largest privately owned cool climate gardens in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s only open to the public three weekends in both Autumn and Spring. My boyfriend and I, along with my parents, paid a rather lovely visit to the gardens last weekend.

To say they are stunning, is an understatement. Every turn of the path held something new and wonderful to look at. The workmanship of every detail is clear, and it is obvious that the owner of the gardens has an amazing love of nature and design.

My boyfriend and I both took our camera’s, and you can see some of our photos below.

It look us about 3 hours to walk around the entire estate. The weather was gorgeous, warm and sunny without a hint of wind. After our adventures around the gardens, we were all famished! Luckily, there was an onsite, pop-up style cafe, where we sat on a few hay-bales and devoured our lunch!

If you are lucky to live anywhere near the Mayfield Gardens, I highly recommend you visit! I can guarantee, you will not be disappointed!

wip… granny square blanket

A work colleague of mine will be giving birth to a little girl shortly, and I couldn’t resist the temptation of making her something very special! So I gathered the materials necessary, and hand dyed some baby wool (you can see my post here). As soon as it was dry, I grabbed a crochet hook and started making a granny square, that would grow and grow into a baby blanket. I really like this method of making a blanket, as it works up quickly and the pattern is easy to remember.

I absolutely adore how it is coming together! The patches of pink and yellow are so random, and will change every round as the blanket gets bigger. As yet, I’m unsure how to finish the blanket.. Does it need a fancy scalloped border? Or is the raw edge of the last round sufficient? I have a while to ponder this, but I’d love to hear any suggestions you may have.

Seriously tickled pink with this blanket! I can’t wait to finish it, gift wrap it, and hand it to the lucky new owner!

hand dyed yarn…

Knitting or crocheting a gift for someone is a very special thing, but being able to personalize that gift just a little more is amazing! I have always been fascinated with dyeing and the process behind it, but I am rather impatient, and having to wait overnight for a cold dye to set is torture! HOT DYEING TO THE RESCUE! The thing I love about this technique, is that you can use food colouring as the dye, which means it is cheap, and you don’t have to deal with any nasty chemicals.

This was so much fun, and such a quick and rewarding project. I dyed this yarn with the The finished productspecific idea of crocheting a baby blanket for a work colleague who is having a little girl. Next time, I will take more photos and document my entire process for you to read over. I’ve decided to name this colour-way “Candy Sunrise”. Can’t wait to show you the finished blanket! 

a warm, crochet blanket…


Well, this is my first post on wordpress, and I am both nervous and excited. I have spent the entire morning looking at other blogs, layouts and content, stressing over how my blog is going to look and how I am going to manage it. After a few hours, I decided to get a cup of coffee, and share a project with you that I have just completed.

It has just turned into Autumn here, and slowly getting cooler ever week. The cold weather always makes me want to knit and crochet, so I set out to make a blanket to match my current obsession with the colour turquoise. I ordered my wool from Bendigo Woollen

Mills, 9 balls of 8 ply 100% new pure wool, in the colours Aquamarine, Koala and Ghost (3 balls of each). When the wool arrived, I grabbed a 12mm crochet hook and got to work. Using one strand of each colour, I made a chain of 72, then worked on 70 double crochet stitches. Back and forth, back and forth, until I had 100g of each colour left. I used this to run a slip stitch the entire way around the blankets egde, then I made a boarder of double crochet to finish it off.


It probably took just under 2 months to complete, as I was only doing it at night time.
The finished blanket is big enough to cover one person, two at a squeeze. It is super warm, and I think it looks a real treat sitting on the end of my bed. I can’t wait for a cold winters night to snuggle under it!

Using three strands of wool together like this would make a really great tummy blanket for a baby, as it is really chunky, but still quite soft. I’m thinking of making one for my friends baby girl, if I do I’m sure you’ll see a post right here!